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716th Primeiro Comando da Capital

on Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:38 pm

A prison in Brazil was attacked, there was violence against several prisoners in it. A total of 56 people died with a pathetic condition.
The victims were members of a criminal gang called Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC). The assailant is allegedly the gang that became their enemy, an organization called Comando Vermelho (CV).
Brazil has long been battling between cartels. The government responds by imprisoning the perpetrators. There are now 600,000 inmates stuffed into a narrow Brazilian prison, making the number of prisoners in the country fourth in the world's largest.
PCC and CV were originally allies, but later became rivals, killing each other inside and outside the prison. Here is a brief profile of these two biggest criminal gangs in Brazil.
Comando Vermelho (CV)
Born in 1979, the criminal organization Comando Vermelho was born in Candido Mendes prison in Ilha Grande, mostly filled with leftist politicians.
It was these left politicians who spread guerrilla tactics to the inmates. Then, a politically inclined organization called Falange Vermelha was formed.
But in early 1980 its name changed to Comando Vermelho which means Red Command, along with the fading ideology and direction of movement. This organization then changed its shape to a collection of criminals.
Then CV is involved in the drug trade chain. Quickly this organization became the largest in Brazil to be able to control several areas of the city of Sao Paulo. They then expanded the network and dominated the drug market in Brazil's largest city, Rio De Janiero.
The Uppsala Uppsala University data-crime register in Sweden, Uppsala Conflict Data Program, ordains the CV as the largest criminal organization in Brazil.
This organization has an important position in the criminal world in Brazil. At a joint operation in 2010, police and military carried out attacks on the area that became the base of CV in the suburbs of Rio de Janiero.
In the mid-2016 Olympics, the CV became a security threat to be taken into account by the authorities. The Insight Crime report released from Folha newspaper mentioned that the gang contributed to the sharp rise in police shootings in 2016, which was 192.

PCC's work in the Brazilian criminal world can not be underestimated. It is said that this organization has the same origin with CV.
They were formed to demand the revenge of the Carandiru Massacre in 1992 that killed 111 inmates in prison. Resentment against the repression of this apparatus actually gave birth to a criminal organization that would become the largest drug cartel in Brazil.
PCC operates in one of Brazil's most brutal cities, Sao Paulo. As the ruler of the city with Brazil's largest prison population - 44 percent - the PCC has had a major impact on violence in the country.
The incident of simultaneous unrest in prisons in 29 places in May 2006 was the result of this group. In the worst prison riots in Brazil's history, hundreds of officers and guards were killed.
In 2013, World Cup preparations were marred by PCC threats. They declare Brazil to be a "World Cup of Terror". This threat came with the massive demonstrations that occurred at the time.
New PCC and CV conflicts have occurred over the last few years, which were closed down by a ceasefire agreement. But the deal was tarnished with a series of violence, both in the settlements and in prisons.
In October 2016 there was a tragedy in two Brazilian prisons that killed 18 inmates. The clash between the CV and PCC took place sadly after six deaths were severed and burned.
The riots that took place in prison on Sunday.


Ini adalah faksi yang berbasis African-American dan termasuk faksi baru, sehingga umur karakter kamu sebaiknya tidak lebih dari 16, di sini kita saling belajar dan mengajar, semua bisa jadi guru dan bisa jadi murid. Saling berbagi ilmu agar bisa membawa faksi ini menjadi lebih baik ke depannya.


○ Lakukan roleplay-roleplay kalian tanpa harus melanggar server dan forum rules.

○ Saling hormat satu sama lain, walaupun IC itu anak buah, OOC tetap harus menghormati.

○ Develop karakter kalian dengan baik, jangan jadi karakter robot.

○ Dengan bergabungnya kamu ke dalam faksi berarti kamu siap untuk di-CK ketika memang diharuskan.

○ Karena roleplay kami adalah gang baru, maka umur karakter kalian setidaknya harus di bawah 16.

○ Kurang-kurangi /b (gunakan /pm)

○ Selalu lakukan hal yang realistis (tidak realistis: anak berumur 14 tahun lari-lari sambil ngebawa shotgun)
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